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Year 2012:     Formation of FoSTA (Myanmar), 23-24 Nov 2012

Year 2013:     Food Science and Technology Association (Myanmar) is a register association in Myanmar. The association has been taking part to contribute the technology-know-how in order to produce and export systematically food products based on agriculture, to give advice on the development of small and medium enterprise, to conduct trainings to support for food laws and by-laws, to do research, to organize national seminars and workshops, to participate international seminars and workshops. 

Action Plans

Action plans for each working group for 2013 are shown below:

Research and Development Working Group

The R&D Working Group will conduct research related to food safety Issues in current food markets in Myanmar. The research topics are to be prioritised in the order of edible oils, food colours, food additives, pesticide residues and the microbiology of foods. Product development for some traditional food items are also to be considered.

Ethical and Standards Working Group

The Ethical and Standard Working Group will organise a project to study current issues on ethical behaviors of food manufacturers and standardisation of marketed foods. Especially, the ESWG will survey and review current laws and regulations. In 2013, there will be some programs regarding ethics of food scientists and technologists.

External Relations Working Group

The External Relations Working Group will organize fund raising events and find sponsors for MAFST activities, with at least one event during 2013. ERWG will be responsible for partnership relations and dealing with organisations local and abroad.

Food Safety and Public Awareness Working Group

The FPWG will organise a Mobile Campaign for Food Safety Awareness in the Public program in the year 2013. The group will also approach TV channels, such as MRTV4 and the like, for awareness talks or programs.

Training, Workshops and Seminars

The TSWG will conduct training and produce publications in the coming year. The group will publish a quarterly journal or newsletters on training, seminars and workshops in 2013.

Year 2014:      National Conference on Development of Food Science and Technology in Myanmar

Year 2015: Yearly Meeting of Food Science and Technology Association (Myanmar) 

Year 2016: Yearly Meeting of Food Science and Technology Association (Myanmar)

Year 2017: National Conference of Education of Food Science and Technology to Upgrade The Food SME Development in Myanmar

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